Haus am Zee has for guests a parkingcard for the Parking “Zuid” area.

Loading and unloading the car can be done in front of the house and with the special parkingcard you get access to the parking area.

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  1. Dirk Rademacher
    Dirk Rademacher zegt:

    Hello, i accidently found your beautiful Website in the www. We- (me my wife and our son) would like to stay 2-3 Days at your place the next week. But i think your booked? Or might there be a Chance that we`re luckey? Kind regards Dirk

    • anneliesengel
      anneliesengel zegt:

      Dear Dirk, we are fully booked in August and September except for three nights next week. From Sunday 19 till Wednesday morning the 22nd. On these days you are more than welcome to stay at the Haus. Best is to send an email to
      Herzliche Grussen, Annelies

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