Artikelen door anneliesengel

With love from nature

We don’t serve breakfast at the Haus, but when you arrive there is always a basket of fruit and other goodies waiting for you. We try to buy the products as much as possible from local producers and when available organic. This because we believe at the Haus that nature is good enough for all […]

The Power of Nature

Tests show that you will remember 20% more after a walk in nature compared to walking in a busy shopping street. Walking in nature makes you stop worrying, you will easier solve problems, see things clearer and you will find more inspiration. In Nature you can easier let your guard down and therefore relax more. […]

Rates & Reservations

Rates per night for two persons with a minimum stay of 2 nights. January 1 – March 29   € 95 March 30 – June 30   € 110 July 1 – August 31   € 125 September 1 – October 31   € 110 November 1 – December 31   € 95 An additional  € 30 will be charged […]

The Beachclubs are open

We are so happy to tell you that all the beachclubs are open again. Please come and join us. Hippie Fish and the Spot are our hangouts, but all the beachclubs are great and have their own speciality. And of course the ones that serve organic food and have vegan dishes on the menu we […]

Dogs at the Haus

If you want to bring your dog, please contact us first about the possibilities. With Jackie and Jim wandering around it is important that the dog likes cats or at least doesn’t mind them being around. Please note; between April 15 and October 1, dogs are only allowed on the beach before 9 o’clock in […]

Circuit Zandvoort

Where else can you combine a day at the beach and driving your car on a real racetrack at the same time? Circuit Zandvoort, built in the 50’s  is the new “place to be”. You can spot Max Verstappen driving around or see Audi, BMW and Mercedes competing at the famous DTM races. There are […]


We have plenty of wind in Zandvoort which means most of the time you can kitesurf. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced surfer. Zandvoort is the place to be. There are several kitesurfschools who can teach you all the tricks needed for this awesome sport. Check with Haus am Zee for lessons or rental […]


Both Haarlem and Amsterdam are great places to shop. Besides the fashionshops like H&M and Zara you will find also plenty of small independent shops. Especially in Haarlem you will find hidden gems all on walking distance. Interior, sustainable fashion and second hand designer clothing. It’s all there. If you are into vintage, you might […]

Walking and Hiking

National Park Kennemerland is just around the corner from Zandvoort. You can spot deer, wild horses, foxes and Scottish Highlander cows. There are plenty of routes you can take, or book a nature excursion. All information can be found at np-zuidkennemerland.

Stand Up Paddling

When you love watersports, you must try Supping (Stand Up Paddling). You get a full body workout, it’s good for your balance, it’s relaxing and you can do it the whole year round. We are glad to help you with booking some lessons or renting your board.