Circuit Zandvoort

Where else can you combine a day at the beach and driving your car on a real racetrack at the same time? Circuit Zandvoort, built in the 50’s  is the new “place to be”. You can spot Max Verstappen driving around or see Audi, BMW and Mercedes competing at the famous DTM races. There are even rumours that the Formula One races will be back one day.

Isn’t racing your thing? Then check out the running and cycling events or just go there for dinner at Bernie’s.

For more information, events calender and ticket sales, please check the website.


We have plenty of wind in Zandvoort which means most of the time you can kitesurf. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced surfer. Zandvoort is the place to be. There are several kitesurfschools who can teach you all the tricks needed for this awesome sport.
Check with Haus am Zee for lessons or rental of equipment.


Both Haarlem and Amsterdam are great places to shop. Besides the fashionshops like H&M and Zara you will find also plenty of small independent shops. Especially in Haarlem you will find hidden gems all on walking distance. Interior, sustainable fashion and second hand designer clothing. It’s all there.

If you are into vintage, you might like to visit the IJ-hallen. The biggest fleamarket in Europe, in the North part of Amsterdam. Only one weekend a Month, so check the dates on the website.

Walking and Hiking

National Park Kennemerland is just around the corner from Zandvoort. You can spot deer, wild horses, foxes and Scottish Highlander cows. There are plenty of routes you can take, or book a nature excursion. All information can be found at np-zuidkennemerland.

Stand Up Paddling

When you love watersports, you must try Supping (Stand Up Paddling). You get a full body workout, it’s good for your balance, it’s relaxing and you can do it the whole year round.

We are glad to help you with booking some lessons or renting your board.


Amsterdam is only 30 minutes away from Zandvoort. The train takes you to the city centre where you can explore the Jordaan with its small independent shops. You can take a trip on a canalboat, visit the flowermarket or go shopping. You’ll find it all in Amsterdam.


For each occasion we have the right restaurant here at the beach.
If you want to go for breakfast, lunch or dinner on your flipflops then the beachclubs are the place to be. In the centre of Zandvoort you’ll find several bars and restaurant and on the racetrack there is restaurant Bernie’s with a view on the racetrack.

If you like an exclusive dinner experience, we recommend restaurant De Bokkedoorns in Overveen (2 Michelinstars). 10 Minutes by car or taxi in the middle of the Dunes.

Another place worth mentioning is Buitenplaats Plantage. Fifteen minutes by car, in the middle of the Tulip fields, you’ll find this beautiful place in an old glass house. Where the food is organic and locally produced and where you can order a picknick basket at the restaurant and have a picknick in the fields . But also a perfect lunch place for your bike tours or (mindfulness) walks.

Getting Fit

When you have a holiday you might not think about a personal trainer or a bootcamp session on the beach but at Amsterdam Beach you can start your day getting fit.

For bookings and tailormade programs, please contact us.


There is no better way to start the day with a yoga session at the beach. Several beachclubs offer yoga during Summer and there is also a hot yoga studio in Zandvoort where you can practice whole year round.

Cycling / MTB

The Dutch and cycling. Every one knows it is a golden match. Also in and around Zandvoort you can find many cyclists who just stop by or start/end their tour here. You can cycle through the beautiful dunes to the next Beach towns or cycle through National Park Kennemerland which is a combination of dunes and forest and where the difference in height forms an extra challenge. And just as important, there are plenty of café’s where you can stop along the way.

So bring your bike or rent one. There are several bikerentalshops in Zandvoort. Haus am Zee is happy to help out in finding the perfect bike and route for you.