With love from nature

We don’t serve breakfast at the Haus, but when you arrive there is always a basket of fruit and other goodies waiting for you. We try to buy the products as much as possible from local producers and when available organic. This because we believe at the Haus that nature is good enough for all of us.

The Power of Nature

Tests show that you will remember 20% more after a walk in nature compared to walking in a busy shopping street. Walking in nature makes you stop worrying, you will easier solve problems, see things clearer and you will find more inspiration.

In Nature you can easier let your guard down and therefore relax more. You will become more aware of the things around you. Plants, singing birds and feeling the wind through your hair for example.

All the more reason to visit Haus am Zee. Did you know we have special de-stress and vitalizing retreats tailormade to your needs you can book? Contact us for more information.

The Beachclubs are open

We are so happy to tell you that all the beachclubs are open again. Please come and join us. Hippie Fish and the Spot are our hangouts, but all the beachclubs are great and have their own speciality. And of course the ones that serve organic food and have vegan dishes on the menu we love most 🙂