• various fabrics in pile


    Not only does haus am zee have a webshop next to its guesthouse, but we also style homes, horeca companies and creative spaces. From my fashion and advertising background, I know better than anyone that it is quite difficult as a customer to tell what you want and what you like. A table full of …


    And then you suddenly find yourself in Leven magazine Haarlem. All these years I have been building brands for others and then suddenly you do it for yourself. Of course you are 10 times more critical, but the result is supercool, even if I say so myself ? Now I have to quickly continue with …

  • Dutch Design Makers

    What could be better than having a unique piece of furniture in your home that has been made with love. Today we want more, and that more must also be done faster, and after a certain time we want more, or rather, new. Because we are tired of our interior or our kitchen. This mainly …

  • Danish Ocean Design

    The Danish brand Wehlers once started with making the caps under the chair legs from ocean plastic. Today they make whole chairs from it. The legs are made of steel, the seat and backrest of recycled plastic. Wouldn’t you like to have these in your house? ♻️?

  • styling_beachhouse

    Make over Beachhouse Zandvoort

    Sometimes you can furnish a house or business from scratch. But it is just as nice to give an existing home a makeover, such as a beach house in Zandvoort South. And then discuss the colors and fabrics together with the owners. What fits, what doesn’t fit. How do you ensure that it looks stylish, …

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