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Haus am Zee
– Beach living

Haus am Zee is located 200 meters from Zandvoorts South Beach. A beach house that was thoroughly renovated and newly decorated three years ago. The interior is a mix of sustainable design and vintage items. The Haus is a place where you immediately feel at home, and where we welcome you as our guest for a large part of the year.

We love the beach life. Being outside, surrounded by nature, from long walks on the beach to having a drink at the beach bars during summer evenings.

You will find this beach feeling in our styling approach and interior products. The basis always consists of natural and sustainable products. These products are made locally in the Netherlands, can be found in vintage shops or we buy them fair trade all over the world. At Haus am Zee we believe it is important that everyone receives a fair price and that no animals are being harmed.

Thanks to our experience with our own beach house, we can also help B&B’s, hotels and other hospitality companies with the design of their spaces. We know better than anyone what guests expect and how to combine practicality with beautiful design.

About Annelies Engel – founder of Haus am Zee.

After the fashion academy, I worked in the advertising world for many years before working as interim Creative Director, CMO and Brand Director at international companies. Whatever the assignment, the best result was always paramount and ensured that both the customer and the customers of the customer were happy with the end product. This is also the basis of Haus am Zee, working from a vision in order to achieve a good result for the customer.

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