Styling & Creative Direction

patio with terracotta pots with succulents and an old wooden door with a stool in front


Want a little more Barefoot chic in your home but don’t know where to start? Then we are happy to help you to give your house or garden the right eclectic look. In addition to our own sustainable home accessories, we have a large network of suppliers who make and sell both new and vintage furniture and accessories.


Providing service and making guests feel at home is in our blood. Haus am Zee also has a guesthouse where we receive guests all year round.

Styling starts with a good overall concept. A concept that we translate into not only the design but also the branding of your company. That results into a true story that suits you and at the same time your guests know exactly what to expect when they visit you.

Photography & Video

Haus am Zee is happy to take care of the styling and, where necessary, the creative development of your photography or video project. We have extensive experience in styling advertising assignments as well as fashion and lifestyle productions.

We can also take care of the entire production. From location and casting to catering and financial settlement. We know better than anyone that a production stands or falls with a good organization and we ensure that everything is arranged down to the last detail.

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